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Celtic houses

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Doug Cast - Bluffington State University 2014

Artist - Nuri Durr


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Susie ‼️😍😍

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best part of 2013 image

worst part of 2013image

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That is the realest looking dinosaur I think they could possibly have what more does this kid want

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41-year old, Li Bingbing!


babe that girl from transformers was 41 wtf.



41-year old, Li Bingbing!


babe that girl from transformers was 41 wtf.

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cishet people be like NOOO U CANT USE THAT TERM TO DESCRIBE UR SEXUALITY/GENDER ITS MADE UP WORD!!! and then turn around and make up ridiculous terms like mancrush and guyliner and man-purse in order to keep their precious hetronormitive gender roles intact

The post I didn’t know I was waiting for

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white people who literally just don’t get it: a memoir


white people who literally just don’t get it: a memoir

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i have lots of compassion for people of color who come from really white communities and didn’t come up with lots of people of color. 

i have lots of compassion when they say sympathizing shit about white people’s racist, tokenizing, minimizing, etc behavior. 

because most of the time, yeah, if you’re the only person of color in your white neighborhood you aren’t threatening to white people and they have no reason to act aggressively towards you 

taking the compassion to support the transition of people of color who have their hearts broken when they start to realize they are actually a part of a threat to whiteness; that they have been groomed by white supremacy to make communities of color seem like the “bad guys”

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Favorite artists: Paolo Rivera

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Asa Smith. Celestial Illustrations from Smith’s Illustrated Astronomy. 1851.

Contd from here

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I’m sticking this over here since this is where other discussions of this have come up, but here, have a description of why PTSD triggers suck and avoiding them is important even when they’re not immersive flashbacks:

At the beginning of the year, I was dangerously depressed. But since we’ve managed to get my meds stabilized I’ve been quite well, to the point where people who see me intermittently, like my parents, have been remarking on how much better I seem.

Week before last, A Trigger Happened. I didn’t actually notice - I had a lot on my mind - but that didn’t mean it didn’t have an effect, and I quite rapidly ramped up my hostility, my aggression, started having huge trouble sleeping, etc. Then this last week, Another Trigger Happened.

Same deal: I’m sleeping badly. I’m touchy as fuck, whether I’m trying to be or not. More sinister, however, is that my cognitive capacity has gone down (I’m objectively dumber and less able to complete mental tasks or adequately concentrate on necessary activities than I was last month), my self-worth is in the toilet, I want to sleep all the time - and people who see me in face-to-face space (where they can see how I move, and how my facial expressions change, and how I respond to things) have gone back to their various expressions of worry.

To whit: two middling triggers, one of which I didn’t identify at the time, have more or less erased the good effects of my medications. If this follows pattern, I may be approaching normal by sometime next week. Maybe. That’s most of a month trashed.

This is why a) No, stereotypical flashbacks are not the only kind of triggers, but also b) no, really, the experience of someone with a mental illness having that mental illness triggered is not the same as someone without one being passingly upset by something, and why that difference is important.

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Trying to make plans with your friends..


Trying to make plans with your friends..

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penis-hilton, tearing families apart since 2014 xo

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A Chronology of Events


08/05/20 Four black men in McClenny are removed from the local jail and lynched for the alleged rape of a white woman.

11/02/20 Two whites and at least five blacks are killed in Ocoee in a dispute over voting rights. The black community of Ocoee is destroyed, 25 homes, 2 churches, and a Masonic Lodge.

2/12/21 A black man in Wauchula is lynched for an alleged attack on a white woman.

12/09/22 A black man in Perry is burned at the stake, accused of the murder of a white school teacher. A black church, school, Masonic Lodge, and meeting hall are burned.

12/31/22 On New Year’s Eve a large Ku Klux Klan Parade is held in Gainesville.

01/01/23 Early morning: Fannie Taylor reports an attack by an unidentified black man.

  • Monday afternoon: Aaron Carrier is apprehended by a posse and is spirited out of the area by Sheriff Walker.
  • Late afternoon: A posse of white vigilantes apprehend and kill a black man named Sam Carter.

01/02/23 Armed whites begin gathering in Sumner.


  • Late evening: White vigilantes attack the Carrier house. Two white men are killed, and several others wounded. A black woman, Sarah Carrier is killed and others inside the Carrier house are either killed or wounded.
  • Rosewood’s black residents flee into the swamps.
  • One black church is burned, and several unprotected homes.
  • Lexie Gordon is murdered.

01/05/23 Approximately 200-300 whites from surrounding areas begin to converge on Rosewood.

  • Mingo Williams is murdered.
  • Governor Cary Hardee is notified, and Sheriff Walker reports that he fears “no further disorder.”
  • The Sheriff of Alachua County arrives in Rosewood to assist Sheriff Walker.
  • James Carrier is murdered.

01/06/23 A train evacuates refugees to Gainesville.

01/07/23 A mob of 100-150 whites return to Rosewood and burn the remaining structures.

01/17/23 A black man in Newberry is convicted of stealing cattle. He is removed from his cell and lynched by local whites.

02/11/23 A Grand Jury convenes in Bronson to investigate the Rosewood riot.

02/15/23 The Grand Jury finds “insufficient evidence” to prosecute. 

tqbonner American history

Never Forget!!!!